1 Step Ahead: Genetic Testing

One Step Ahead Of Cancer

"Helping You To Get One Step Ahead For Your Health and Wellness"
Life Changing Biologics is excited to launch the next phase of our wellness platform through our newest program;
One Step Ahead of Cancer.
Our cutting edge technology along with strategic laboratory partnerships allows us to use Genetic Testing Technology to screen for potential health risks; including genetic mutations specifically linked to cancer. 
This testing will help our clients:
1. Understand their own body better.
2. Highlight potential health risks.
3. Allow grandparents to educate their family on hereditary illness that can be passed down through their family.

Life Changing Biologics and our program "One Step Ahead Of Cancer" is a proud advocate for Medicare and Medicaid.  If you or a loved one is covered through these services, your test is FREE.

If you are covered under Medicare or Medicaid please fill out the form below to schedule your FREE Genetic Test Today.